The Sweet Spot

Our regular breakfast routine is mostly oatmeal when it’s cold and granola when it’s hot. (I’ll be sharing my granola recipe soon) Sometimes I like to mix it up and make something special. A special breakfast often means I am in the kitchen for over an hour cooking while everyone sits around listening to their bellies growl. It can be worth it, and I do enjoy the more elaborate meal.

Lately though, I’ve found a breakfast that hits the sweet spot. Breaks up the monotony of oats-every-morning, only takes about half an hour to cook, looks (and tastes) fancy enough to be fun. Best of all, it’s easily adapted to be gluten and sugar free! (so Elena can eat it)

German Pancake

This wonder food is a german pancake, and it’s so simple it feels like cheating. Lately we’ve been eating as pictured, served with a dollop of plain yogurt, some fresh sliced strawberries and hearty splash of maple syrup. We also like it with spiced apples. I believe it’s traditionally served with powdered sugar and lemon, but really just about anything works as a topping.

German Pancake

2 eggs

1/2 cup milk *

1/2 cup all purpose flour **

1 Tbs sugar or honey

1 Tbs bacon grease


Preheat the oven to 425 degrees and scoop the bacon grease into a tall 10 inch round cake pan. (A 9 inch pan should work fine as well, provided it’s at least 2 inches tall. The shorter ones will overflow.)

For mixing this I use a 2 cup pyrex measuring cup and a fork, it really minimizes the dishwashing. In your pyrex cup (or a mixing bowl if you prefer) break and beat the eggs, then mix in milk, flour and sugar. Let the batter rest at least 10 minutes (it’s ok, the oven is still warming up and you haven’t started the coffee yet) or up to 30 minutes. You can mix this the night before and let it stand in the fridge, but it’s so fast to whip up I never bother.

When the oven is up to temp put the pan with the glob of bacon grease in, just for a couple minutes. You want the grease to melt and the pan to get hot, but that’s it. After a couple minutes give your batter a final stir and, using an oven mitt, carefully swirl the melted grease around the bottom of your hot pan. Then pour the batter into the hot pan and close it back up in the oven.

Let it cook for about 20 minutes – until the edges are puffed up, the center is fully set and the top is just starting to get golden brown. Then it’s done! Remove the pan from the oven and flip upside down over a plate, your pancake should come right out. If it sticks, loosen it a little with a silicone spatula and try again. Cover with desired toppings and serve immediately. Serves one, or two if you feel like sharing.

* Coconut milk works well here as a non-dairy alternative, just add a Tbs of water as well.

** To make gluten free I use Gluten Free All Purpose Flour from Bobs Red Mill, and I add an extra Tbs of sweetener as I find it has a bitter aftertaste. Other gluten free flours may work, but the ones I have tried don’t rise properly.

What is your favorite breakfast food right now? 

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2 Responses to The Sweet Spot

  1. DeMara Cabrera says:

    If you don’t have bacon grease, what can you substitute?

    • You could use any cooking oil or grease that is good for high heats, but it probably won’t be as effective. I have tried both butter and olive oil and found that the pancake sticks to the pan, even with a greater amount of oil. Thanks for asking!

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