We are celebrating the Summer Solstice today. I had some grand ideas of ways to celebrate. Special foods, craft activities, hand made gifts. Much of that did not happen. The kids each got a few gifts. We ate a delicious (though fairly normal for us) breakfast. We’ll have a little crafting and outdoor play later. Simple.

The best part about this is the kids are enjoying it – and so am I. Each year I let go of a little more of my expectations for perfect pinterest-worthy holidays. And each time I do, we all enjoy ourselves a little more. It doesn’t take much to make a day special. For kids who aren’t accustomed to a big pile of stuff at each holiday, a few new things chosen or made with love is just as exciting and fun. (and possibly appreciated even more)

It may be that the most important aspect of celebrating simply is this – when I am less stressed, we are all more relaxed. We are more able to enjoy ourselves and each other. More able to be present in the moment, to appreciate the little things. We all have a better time.

splashy pool1

splashy pool2

splashy pool3

So this solstice I am celebrating the sun, the cycle of the seasons, and also simplicity.


How do you like to celebrate summer?

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