A Letter to My Son

A Letter to Ronan on his First Birthday

My darling boy,

Here you are, at one year old, in the midst of so many changes. In the last year you have utterly transformed both yourself and our family. All for the better my dear.

You adore your sister, and she is completely smitten with you. The two of you can nearly always entertain each other. You love it when she reads to you, or chases you across the living room, or holds you and dances around. She likes to share her toys with you, make you laugh and comfort you when you cry.

Elena and Ronan dancing

You have a special bond with your daddy – based on reading books, enjoying time outdoors, and being very silly together. You miss him when he’s away at work, and always ask for him when you wake up. You have an unfortunate tendency to yank on his beard. He loves you anyway.

Matt and Ronan reading

You called me “Mama” for the first time just a couple months ago, and it made my heart melt. It still does, every time. You want me to hold you when you are sleepy, or hurt, or scared, or hungry, or sometimes just because. You like it when I sing to you, when I kiss your round little tummy, when I let you “help” in the kitchen. I love it when you nestle your sleepy head on my shoulder and wrap your arm around my neck.

Mama and Ronan playing

You’ve been getting more comfortable eating solid food lately, and drinking water from your own little cup. Your favorite foods right now are sugar snap peas, cherries and plain yogurt. It used to be avocado and strawberries.

You’re also getting steadier on your feet. You like to walk as much as you can while holding on, but you will only take a couple of steps after letting go.

You love to watch trucks go by and sniff the flowers in the yard. Every day you want to walk down to see the neighbors chickens, you call them “caca”. You just learned how to dance, and have started wordlessly singing along when music plays.

It is so fun to see you learning, growing, discovering every day. Every day you make me laugh, tug my heart, show me the world anew through your eyes. Thank you for bringing such joy to my life. My dear little boy, I love you so.

– Mama

Ronan opens presents

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